Kids designing donuts to get new playground equipment


When did you first learn about economics?
2nd graders at Grimsrud Elementary are learning the basics of economics in a pretty sweet way.

Most students are introduced to economics in high school or even later in middle school. But students in Mrs. Schroeder’s’ 2nd grade class are already learning the value of a dollar.

“We have been working on our social studies standard of economics. And so our tie to the economics and making a real life experience was creating donuts,” said Tania Schroeder.

Each student came up with a recipe and design for their individual donuts. The filling and toppings ranged from skittles and gummy worms to cotton candy and chunks of cheesecake. The idea was to create a donut that a customer would want to purchase.

“And we’ve worked a little in correlation with Bearscat Donuts to help us come up with some ideas and learn about producers and consumers, profit, income, expenses, all those economic concepts,” said Schroeder.

Some of the students were asked to describe their donuts.

“I put them around the donut, changed the name to throwing star because now it looks like a green throwing star doesn’t it?”
“Was there anything you would change or keep it the same?” “I would take away the banana chips.”
“Red velvet frosting, nutella, cheesecake.”

Out of about 60 students, 10 donuts will be chosen as the finalists. One donut will then be chosen as the winner and featured here in Bearscat Bakehouses donut case for one weekend.

“We’ve done it a number of times and it’s, every time its so fun just seeing what they come up with. The kids are so excited to be able to do something I think real, to talk to a real person about a real thing,” said Bearscat Owner Kevin Cavanagh.

Part of the proceeds from the donuts will go back to Grimsrud Elementary to help them pay for new playground equipment. And who knows.. if the winning donut is popular enough.. it could stick around.

“But if it gets crazy, it might end up in our regular mix. So you never know what we’re going to do but yeah we’ll see how it sells and goes from there but yeah at least for that one weekend maybe more,” said Cavanagh.

Not only do the students need a good product to sell, but they also have to come up with a way to advertise to the donuts as well.

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