Killdeer is exploring new school options

The Killdeer Public School District is growing and faculty and staff feel it’s time to for a bigger school

The district recently held an open forum with parents and teachers, and representatives from the ICON Architectural Group to address overcrowding.

The Killdeer Public School District has about 600 students and classrooms are at capacity with about 25 kids per classroom.

The school superintendent feels the congestion is affecting the quality of education teachers can offer.

The current school was built in 1960 and houses grades K through 12th, plus preschool.

During the meeting the two options discussed were replacing or rebuilding the existing school.

“My personal dream is that we have a separate elementary building . . . with all the necessary amenities to run that elementary school, but of course that would mean land acquisition. . .  and timeline to build and so on,” said Gary Wilz, Killdeer Public Schools superintendent.

Wilz also said the process is still in the very early stages, and he wants to get feedback from parents and teachers before they move forward.

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