Meet a familiar face, and our new Minot Sports Anchor, Karassa Stinchcomb

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We have a special guest for our KX Conversation. A familiar face, and also our newest anchor here on KX News, Karassa Stinchcomb has been named sports anchor, joining Phil Benotti and Luke Gamble and David Gibson. Karassa, congratulations!

“Thank you so much,” said Stinchcomb.

“Now, Karassa, I’ve seen some of your news stories. You do a wonderful job. So, what made you decide to make the switch from reporting news to covering the sports world?”

“First of all, thank you so much. It really does mean a lot. I wanted to be a sports anchor or reporter since I was 12 years old. I went to a baseball game with my parents, Seattle Mariners versus the New York Yankees.
The Yankees won, so now I’ve been a faithful Yankees fan. So, this has been a dream of mine. I kind of took every opportunity, including going into news first and our wonderful news director came to me in February and asked if I wanted to do this. And of course, I didn’t realize my dream would be coming true,” said Stinchcomb.

“Last night was your first night on-air anchoring. What did you think, how’d it feel?”

“It was a rush of adrenaline. I feel like I could have lifted a bus after last night. It was really exciting, really nerve-wracking, but overall, I think it went really great,” said Stinchcomb.

“Our sports anchors shoot and edit their own videos. What’s your favorite and most challenging sport to shoot?”

“I haven’t shot hockey yet, so I’m kind of nervous for that. My favorite is baseball for sure, going back to why I wanted to be a sports reporter. That’s my favorite. I just think it’s such a great game,” said Stinchcomb.

“You mentioned the Mariners and the Yankees. Those are two teams the Cleveland Indians like to beat up. Outside of baseball, Karassa, what’s another sport that you really love to follow?”

Football, for sure. I’m more of a quarterback kind of gal. I was a Peyton Manning fan for a very long time. I followed him along and then when he retired, I wasn’t sure. I was kind of in limbo, but Justin Herbert graduated from U of O and he had a really great season last year with the Chargers. So now, I’m a Chargers fan,” said Stinchcomb.

“What are you most looking forward to in your new role?”

“I’m really excited to continue sharing stories of people in the community, just on a different side, you know, the athlete side of things. They really do some great things outside of sports that I really want to highlight.
That has just kind of been my dream too, just to show the good that these people do,” said Stinchcomb.

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