KX Gives Back: Minot Police Department

After months of struggling to stay fully staffed, the Minot Police Department has several new officers on the job.

The Minot Police Department hired four new officers just before the new year and recently hired six more who should be on the job this month.

The ten additional employees brings the department to full staff at 81 officers.

KX got a chance to find out what it’s like as a new hire in such an important job.

Memorie Andrade, Police Officer) “I was always interested in law enforcement growing up and I decided just to go with it.”

Memorie Andrade used to be in the national guard but one year ago she decided to make a career change to a police officer.

“You get to meet all the people in your community you know you get to interact with them,” said Memorie Andrade, Police Officer.

Brian Williams joined the police department just under 2 years ago after spending several years in the Air Force. Making the switch to civilian life as a police officer turned out to be better than he expected.

“Go for it. It’s a great opportunity to do something great for your community,” said Brian Williams, Police Officer.

But before they got to wear the uniform there was lots of training required. Many have to attend the police academy. Then when they get to the department, there are 6 weeks of in house training, ten weeks with a field training officer, and finally one year of probation before they’re fully on the job.

“It was fast paced, we had a lot to learn in such a compacted amount of time,” said Andrade.

“We make sure that they can do this job up to our expectations and they can do it well,” said John Klug, Investigations Commander.

And when the training is done, it’s time to get to the real work.

“There’s a lot of satisfaction I get out of this,” said Williams.

“Everyday is different,” said Andrade.

Here at KX, we want to recognize the people that put themselves in harm’s way to keep us safe and that’s why we are giving back.

This morning, the KX News crew visited the Minot Police Department and they got to enjoy bagels and a couple kinds of coffee.

During our time at the department – we got the opportunity to thank each of them and hear about some of their favorite stories on the job.

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