KX Gives Back: Three Affiliated Tribes Fire Management

When accidents or disasters strike, we count on first responders to rush in to help.

And their response can save lives and property.

Alexus Larson joins us now with one family’s story of how firefighters saved their farm after a fire broke out.

According to the Dahl family and the local fire department, a fire started at this farm house just southwest of Makoti, when a rock sparked off a piece of equipment.

At first, a local volunteer fire department responded but as the flames spread rapidly, the Three Affiliated Tribes Fire Management team came to help.

And one of the family members was impressed by the work that was done.

It was a summer evening when a fire broke out at the Dahl farm. Roy Dahl says the fire raced through their land and destroyed the barn. High winds pushed flames to within feet of the family home.

“It was a very fast moving fire,” said Roy Dahl.

The Three Affiliated Tribes Fire Management Crew showed up and although Roy had not heard of this crew before he was put at ease when he saw the work being done.

“You could tell right away that they had done this stuff before. They were focused on one thing and that one thing was putting out fires,” said Dahl.

“We did a small burnout operation to stop one of the flames to the fire from going,” said Marle Baker, Fire Management Officer.

Roy says he’s eternally grateful Baker and his crew showed up because of how quickly they moved from one fire to the next.

“We also worked on the south side of the fire which was still actively burning and so we suppressed that as well,” said Baker.

“I was amazed on how well they were trained,” said Dahl.

For the fire team, this was routine. They had a job and they knew how to accomplish it.

“We protect the homes, we protect the grass,” said Baker.

Baker says that they don’t hear from families often but when they do hear that it was a job well done – it motivates them even more for the next fire.

“It feels good to be appreciated,” said Baker.

This fire crew is made up of 9 firefighters and they cover nearly 1 million acres of land on the Fort Berthold Reservation.

As a way to thank them for their service – KX decided to Give Back.

Today, we delivered lunch to the department and got to learn a little bit more about what they do.

During that time, we discovered that their department also send people to places that are in need of firefighters.

Most recently, they had a couple firefighters return from Colorado.

Photo: Roy Dahl

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