KX Gives Back to a Police Department, Giving Back to Their Community

North Dakota is home to many small communities and the police departments are often understaffed.

KX Reporter Renée Cooper spent the afternoon with the Lincoln Police Department, where the officers manage to find the means to give back, no matter their size.

Lincoln PD is housed at City Hall. There are less than five full time officers, and usually just one on duty at any given time. But somehow, these officers find the time to give back.

Every year the Lincoln Police Department does a toy drive to help less fortunate families in their surrounding communities.

Patrol Officer Jameson Seim adds, “Families members that have fallen victim to house fires or even just falling on hard times, having trouble paying the bills, and just really aren’t able to provide anything for the kids at home. We give them that opportunity for the kids to have kind of a warm fuzzy Christmas.”

They’ve been doing this for about five years now, along with several other members of City Hall.

Lincoln Deputy Auditor and Clerk of Court Sarah Maenza says, “It’s a tradition that I’m teaching my grandkids, I’ve taught my son. You know, and that we do as a family.”

Maenza says they’ve been overwhelmed with thanks over the years from the families who receive the gifts.

She explains, “It’s very heart-warming, and it teaches the younger generation that doing good things for others is extremely heart-warming. It makes them, hopefully, appreciate the things that they have, knowing that we’re basically giving someone something that they might not receive.”

And the Officers deliver the gifts themselves.

Seim adds, “We might even try to get Santa this year. I don’t know if he’s going to be available, I know he’s pretty busy this time of year.”

Officer Seim says of the many careers he’s given a go, this is by far the most rewarding.

If you are interested in donating to the toy drive, make a call to the Lincoln PD at (701) 258-2403, or just come by in person to drop off presents for kids of any ages.

The same goes for any families out there looking to apply to receive gifts from the toy drive.

The deadline for applications is this Friday, December 7th and the deadline to donate is December 14th. So make sure to get those in.


With the holidays in full swing, KX News is recognizing those who work through the holidays, rain or shine.

Today we had the pleasure of rewarding the Lincoln Police Department with some well deserved food.

A few of our team members, Chad Mira, Renée Cooper and Jerrod Schumacher visited City Hall, and enjoyed getting to know the officers and other crucial members of City Hall, including the Public Works Department. They are the ones keeping our roads clean and safe.

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