KX Gives Back: Vision Zero

Several of our state agencies have put their heads together to reduce the number of fatal crashes. Their goal: to get that number to ZERO. As Malique Rankin reports, although they have a ways to go, they’re already seeing progress.

94 percent of motor vehicle crashes are caused by human error, meaning, they are preventable.

Major Tom Iverson; Chief Of Operations HP: “When you start talking about fatalities and what number would be acceptable to the public, the ultimate answer is zero. And it is something we can achieve.”

Highway patrol has been working to better enforce traffic laws, making sure you’re buckled, driving distracted-free, and sticking to the speed limit.
To do so, they’re spending more time in the community.

Major Tom Iverson: “Whether its going to the schools and talking about different safety topics, and the importance of wearing your seatbelt.”

The DOT is also making moves to get it’s message to you.

Ashlee Doan; Safety Public Information Specialist with DOT: “Drive sober or get pulled over, click it or ticket, you drive, you text you pay. We also have some of our own campaigns we do on social media. We try to reach out to the public and let them know they should be doing behind the wheel and when they’re on the road, traveling.”

Because of those efforts, the difference is in the numbers.

Major Tom Iverson: “We’ve seen an overall decline in our fatality crashes in the state and also with the alcohol-related crashes.”

Compared to this time last year, there are 22 fewer fatal crashes in the state.
Fatal crashes involving alcohol have dropped from 47 in 2017 to 18 in 2018.

Everyone involved said they hope to see more community accountability. Simple steps like buckling your seatbelts and following speed limits can save your life.

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