KX News at 6: A prescription for addiction — opioid use for work-related injuries


Tonight on KX News at 6, continuing coverage on opioids prescribed to injured workers.

The North Dakota Worker’s Compensation Program is funding the narcotics given to injured workers, and Burleigh County has the highest prescription rate in the state.

National and statewide concerns over the opioid epidemic led recently to state legislation. House Bill 1063 would have required injured workers to come back to the doctor every week to be re-evaluated to have their prescription refilled.

The medical community fought hard against the bill, and the legislation ultimately failed by a narrow margin.

Richard Landsberger has been struggling with addiction for over ten years now after being prescribed opioids for multiple work-related injuries.

Tonight on KX News at 6, we’ll share Landsberger’s story and dive into how the state is responding to the opioid crisis.

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