Day one at the KX Sports Show has come to a close.

This first day was filled with several people and vendors were excited to finally showcase their products.

Alexus Arthur tells us more. 


(Tim Vallely, General Manager) “Day 1 has been great. 

(Alexus Arthur, KX News) “It’s the kick off to the KX Sports Show.”

(Robbie Rice, Gooseneck Implement Sales Manager) “It’s pretty busy compared to last year this same time.”

(Tim Vallely, General Manager) “The traffics good even with the cold the attendance is great today.”

(Alexus Arthur, KX News) “After a busy night of setting up yesterday, vendors were ready to see the visitors.”

(Robbie Rice, Gooseneck Implement Sales Manager) “I think it’s a pretty nice crowd.”

(Alexus Arthur, KX News) “The KX Sports Show is a reminder to guests that spring and summer are hopefully on the way.”

(Tim Vallely, General Manager) “One thing about the KX Show is right after this it’s spring so this is the foreshadowing of spring and summer.”

(Robbie Rice, Gooseneck Implement Sales Manager) “Campers, boats, just the people.”

(Tim Vallely, General Manager) “There’s a great selection of boats, campers, power equipment, there’s lots of different things for everybody to look at and enjoy.”

(Alexus Arthur, KX News) “It’s a one stop shop for people to plan their summers.”

(Tim Vallely, General Manager) “We’ve got great product lines here and it gives us a chance to display everything in one location under one roof.”

(Robbie Rice, Gooseneck Implement Sales Manager) “Just come by the booth and check out our gaiters and our utility tractors and get ready when the grass is going to be green.”

(Tim Vallely, General Manager) “Stop out and see us!”

(Alexus Arthur, KX News) “It was only day 1 and there’s more to come. In Minot, Alexus Arthur, KX News.”


The show opens tomorrow at 10 and on Sunday at 11 at the State Fair Center.