Larimore honey farm prepares for second lady’s visit


WDAZ: LARIMORE, ND–As excitement builds across the area — a local farm is getting ready for a once-in-a-lifetime visit.

Karen Pence — the wife of the Vice President Mike Pence is set to stop by their honey farm.  

Kenneth Chase tells us about the buzz they’re hoping to generate.

A local family manages more than 4 thousand hives like this one all across the state. The second lady plans to come here to their farm just north of Larimore to learn about the family business.

It started with a call.

“I got a call from the Department of Agriculture in Bismarck asking if we’d be willing to a tour,” said Conrad Dietzler, of Dietzler Honey.

“I say yeah we’ll do it. Yeah whatever.”

This week — is the start of harvest season.

Thinking the tour would be for some children or older people — Conrad Dietzler agreed.

“Two hours later I get a call from Washington DC. And here it’s Karen Pence’s office and so we’re really honored. We agreed to do a tour.”

A tour for the second lady of the United States.

It’s not the first time someone has taken an interest in their farm.

Dietzler Honey has more than 41-hundred colonies across the state.

“It’s very important that we get some national coverage on our bees. The bee industry’s struggled for years. We can’t operate just on honey alone anymore. And it’s import honey is ruining our prices.”

He says honey from countries like China, India and Vietnam is making it a tough business.

“We’re competing against slave labor so it’s a tough thing to do.”

He’s hoping the second lady’s visit will shine a light on the industry.

“We’re just going to show her how the extracting system works. Then we’re going to bring her out here and show her the bee hive as the bees are working.”

Dietzler says the visit was Mrs.Pence’s idea.

She recently harvested honey at her home in Washington — for the first time.

“It’s her idea to come here. We’re happy to have her. The bees are real important to the food chain. She’s aware of that and we’re really glad she is.”

A common interest he never knew she had.

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