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Appreciating the variety and views of your hard work can be just as important as all the work that went into making your landscape beautiful.
In this week’s plant talk.. Kevin shows off some of his favorites.

KEVIN: It’s hard to believe we’ve reached the end of our Summer season for the Plant Talks, I hope you’ve enjoyed them. Find your niche. When you do your landscaping, your gardening projects, it doesn’t have to be as big as this. You can create so many things in smaller areas. Take a look at what our cameraman Mark can do…

KEVIN: This has become one of my favorite views as I walk into our yard. Something about the different heights, sizes, textures of rock, and the plants. I love it.

Now in the early days when I started the garden, I didn’t have very many trees. But as they grow, I’m starting to see the shade, and some of the contrast that adds to the plants. Along with that the insects, birds.

Now the plants you start putting in will surprise you. The growth can be amazing if you keep the water and fertilizer to them. And one of the greatest rewards is to watch them grow, kind of like kids I suppose.

And some of the views that came into play I really didn’t even have in my fore-planning. Look at this gazebo with the grapes. It opens up a different viewpoint every time you walk by  a different opening. As I walk around it it’ll catch different things every time I look through it.

KEVIN: Thanks for letting us share our gardens with you, we appreciate it. And thank you for watching the Plant Talks. You can check previous episodes at MY-ND-NOW-dot-com. Take care, see you again soon.

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