The newest technology for construction has made it’s way into the U.S.

Experts say it’ll have a massive impact on the real estate market across the country. 

Emily Medalen tells us what 3D printing means for current, or potential homeowners right here in North Dakota.
3D printers are now big enough to make entire homes of any shape and size you can imagine –
For half the price.
These machines scan a 2D blueprint of an object, and lay cement or resin to create a 3D object – yes – even houses.
This method of construction significantly cuts cost, and increases speed and quality – 
here’s how.
“They’re actually able to print a home in a matter of a couple days to a week,” says Marlo Anderson, Tech Guru.

You heard that right. 
3D printers are now building homes in America – and experts say it won’t be long until they make their way here.

“People will be buying older properties in the corridor inside the city, tearing those homes down, and then 3D printing a better product than an old, delapidated house,” says Paul Everson, Realtor, Alliance Real Estate.

Everson says 3d home printing could have a number of positive outcomes in North Dakota-
Especially with the steep costs of living here.

“Affordable housing is reaching a breaking point in this community,” he added.

Printing homes costs 50% less than traditional building, because man labor costs are essentially eliminated from the process.

“You’re going to be able to build a home for a lot less than what your current home is worth,” says Anderson.

The low cost of printing homes opens doors for the less fortunate, too.

“This community is huge on pushing for people to come forward and get housing for the homeless. What a great opportunity, why not help in that direction?” says Everson.

They told me when this large-scale use of 3D printing makes it here,
 the housing market in North Dakota will likely go down because the cost of building will drop dramatically – which means if you’re planning on selling your home in the next 5-10 years, remember – it may not be worth nearly as much as it is now.

“Just have in the back of your mind, that you better not have all your net worth tied up in your house,” says Everson.

Anderson and Everson said because of this, there could be a few growing pains along the way –
But all in all, they’ll be worth it.

“It’s definitely a pro for our community and for our industry,” says Everson.

The first printed home in America was actually built this month in Texas – the company that built it is called ICON.
They’ve teamed up with a nonprofit called New Story. 
They’re working to raise $1 million to build the world’s first 3D printed village in El Salvador –
It will have over 100 printed homes for families in need.