Latest U.S. Senate polling has Kevin Cramer up 10 points

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KX News is Your Local Election Headquarters, and we continue to follow the US Senate race here in North Dakota. 
Election day is just 35 days away.

In the latest polling done by Gray TV- the gap has widened in the race.
Republican Kevin Cramer now has a 10 point lead over Democrat Heidi Heitkamp.

51 percent of those polled say they’ll vote for Cramer, while 41 percent say they’ll vote for Heitkamp.
650 people were surveyed by phone, and 8 percent say they’re still undecided ahead of the November election.
There’s nearly 4 percent margin of error in this polling.

Here’s a look at polling over the last several months.
Fox News released polling done in the beginning of September.
That poll had Kevin Cramer leading Heidi Heitkamp in the Senate race, by 4 percent. 48 percent to 44 percent.

In late August, KX News brought you results of an AARP poll conducted with those voters 50 and over, Cramer held a 3 percent margin in that poll.

This follows similar polling done by KFYR and Mason Dixon back in July, where the numbers were also 48 percent to 44 percent.

And when we look back at the beginning, polling done immediately after Kevin Cramer’s announcement back in February by Gravis, had Heitkamp ahead 43 percent to Cramer’s 40 percent.

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