Laurel Vs. Yanny


A four second audio clip is tearing the Internet apart.

It’s a viral clip with a robotic voice saying a single word.

Some people believe the recording is saying yanny.

Others are convinced it’s saying laurel.

“I hear yanny,” said Cindy McKay.

“Laurel,” said Shirley Brown.

“Yanny,” said Brynley Bertsch.

“Laurel,” said Darryl Fox.

No matter who you are; boy or girl, young or old, everyone seems to hear something different and for me, I hear laurel.

“I don’t know what it is; Different brain waves, different, I don’t know,” said Kim Peterson.

Some people believe it has something to do with your age or simply just hearing different things.

“Maybe it’s like one of those color things that you see where it’s like blue or green. I have no idea, very interesting,” said Amanda Burgess.

An audiologist tells us there is more to the sound.

“I think it depends on the quality of the recording that you have whether it’s high quality or low quality,” said Laura Greer, Audiologist.

Greer says most cell phones have a low quality recording which can make a difference.

“It’s the different resonance that you hear that will give it a different quality of those different frequencies,” said Greer.

She adds that no matter where you listen to it our brains will stick with our first choice whether the pitches change or not.

“Yanny,” said Madeline Knutson.

“You can find recordings where they change some of those frequencies and people will change their mind throughout but a lot of people stick with their first impression,” said Greer.

“I think it says yanny because it says yanny,” said Bertsch.

Greer says that if you have normal hearing or hearing loss, that can also make difference.

“People hear what they want to hear I guess,” said Fox.

So, the next time someone disagrees with what you’re hearing remember it might not be just you, instead it could just be the pitch on that particular recording. 


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