Law Makers Tour Flood Protection Project

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Today, law makers visited Minot to tour the Mouse River Flood Protection Project.

The visit could help determine how much money will be given in the next legislative session.

Flood control has been an ongoing project since the 2011 flood and has required millions of dollars from the state and city.

In total, the Flood Project needs about a billion dollars to be completed.

In the last two bienniums, the project has received about 89 million dollars from the state water commission.

“We funded it for 4 years last session. To continue that I think it will depend on the revenues and that’s the oil revenues that’s where the water commission gets their money and then we’ll go from there,” said Larry Bellew, Speaker of the House for ND State of Representatives.

The Water Topics Overview Committee meeting continues tomorrow where details regarding funding will be further discussed.

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