Lawmakers consider rescinding its 1975 ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment


Lawmakers are looking to rescind the state legislature’s ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment almost half a century ago.

Senate Concurrent Resolution 4010 would say North Dakota’s 1975 approval of the ERA to the U.S. constitution has lapsed. The amendment reads “Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged … on account of sex.”

Since its proposal in 1972, the ERA would’ve needed 38 states to sign on within seven years, but it fell short. Supporters say that timeline hasn’t expired, and the amendment is crucial to women’s equality. Those opposed argue it promotes a “genderless agenda” and would undo decades of laws that protect women.

“Women’s rights regarding jury duty, military service and family leave were codified. Today, the law unequivocally protects women, and all of this happened without a federal ERA,” North Dakota’s Family Policy Alliance Executive Director Mark Jorritsma said.

North Dakota’s Human Rights Coalition Legislative Coordinator, Brandi Hardy, spoke in opposition to the resolution.

“As an operations Iraqi freedom veteran with the U.S. Army, I served in the third tour. I find this resolution offensive. To suggest women are incapable or too fragile for the draft is a demeaning, demeaning suggestion,” Hardy said.

The resolution was introduced by three lawmakers, two of whom are women. The committee did not yet vote on the legislation.

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