Learning Etiquette For Business Success

Minot State University’s College of Business held a special meal this week.Students sat with local community leaders and learned the basics of etiquette in a setting they’re likely to encounter after graduation.

Chuck Repnow covered everything from which fork to use, to tips on making meaningful conversation.

(Chuck Repnow, Etiquette Instructor) “Come prepared to be engaged, to be visiting. It’s not just about the meal. It’s about the conversation and the business element too that’s going to be taking place over this meal.”
(Julia Vandevelde, MSU Junior) “There’s definitely things that I’m out of tune with that I can use going into a luncheon, dinner business setting.”
(Shae Pedersen, MSU Junior) “I think I’m going to gain a lot from it when I go into the business world.”
(Jodell Fox, MSU Junior) “I come from a farm family so I’m not used to being very proper but going into the business world I’ll be having to do this quite a bit.”

The instructor told students that it’s especially important to be kind to fellow diners and restaurant staff alike in a business lunch setting.

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