Lemonade Day Aims to Teach Valuable Lessons


Lemonade stands are a staple for kids in the summer time. Bismarck-Mandan is taking that opportunity to teach a lesson on starting your own business.

“You gotta spend money to make money.” 9 year old Isaac Grendahl, is talking about his business, one he owns with his sister.

“You have to work together as a team, and it can’t be all your ideas. You have to share ideas with your teammate,” said his 11-year-old sister Macie.

Through collaboration and good planning, the duo put together their own business model in a very tasteful way.

Macie added, “With our money, we decided poppin’ pineapple lemonade because pineapple is different and nobody else would have it.

They spent 53 dollars on everything they needed to run the stand. That included the construction. They have to make that much back in order to make a profit. Macie and Isaac also needed to think about their storefront, M and I’s Lemonade Shack.

Isaac said, “I kind of, well, me and her, I got to give her credit. We drew it out on a paper.”

That blue and yellow stand will be sitting outside Lillian’s in downtown Bismarck.

 “When I saw the opportunity for the young kids, I got really excited about that. I just think it’s fun to really be able to mentor to the young kids to see how we can kind of show them what it’s all about and try to teach them,” said Lillian’s owner Susan Schwieters.

The team thinks they have the perfect spot, since it’s right in the heart of downtown. 

Isaac said, “I’m feeling pretty good cause I feel like we’re going to sell out.” And, that’s just good business.

They also have a detailed plan to spend their money. 25% will go to Macie’s dance studio, 25 into their savings, and the last 50 for their family trip to Boston.

Their stand will be open on Saturday from 10am to 2pm along with over 30 others spread throughout Bismarck-Mandan.

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