BISMARCK, ND (KXNET) — After the pet ownership boom that started during the pandemic, the pet supply industry is seeing a major slow period as owners settle down with their new pals.

A study done by global e-commerce accelerator Pattern tracked the consumer demand on Amazon every day over the last three years to understand trends in the demand for pet supplies. In particular, major changes in the demand for food and other pet supplies (such as bowls, toys, and accessories) have been noticed. Here are a few of the major changes that Pattern noticed in demands to best fit our favorite furry (and fishy) friends.

Demand for Dog Supplies (2020 – 2022):

  • Demand for dog bowls: down 50%
  • Demand for dog houses: down 7%
  • Demand for dog collars: down 8%
  • Demand for dog food: up 44%

Demand for Cat Supplies (2020 – 2022):

  • Demand for cat dishes: down 19%
  • Demand for cat bowls: down 6%
  • Demand for cat toys: down 3%
  • Demand for cat food: up 51%

Demand for Fish Supplies (2020 – 2022):

  • Demand for fish tank accessories: down 60%
  • Demand for fish tanks: down 11%
  • Demand for fish tank filters: down 10%
  • Demand for fish food: down 20%

In addition to these pet trends, there’s also been a sudden surge in demand for livestock supplies. It’s especially prevalent when it comes to chickens, leading some to suspect that the rising price of eggs has led many to seek backyard solutions.

Demand for Chicken Supplies (2020 – 2022):

  • Demand for chicken waterers: up 101%
  • Demand for chicken feed: up 31%
  • Demand for chicken coops: up 30%

Demand for Goat Supplies (2020 – 2022):

  • Demand for goat fencing: up 13%
  • Demand for goat feed: up 10%

The entire detailed breakdown in pet supply demand, including charts, can be viewed here.