Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center Hosts Native Sports Day

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As a result of farming and trade, American Indians in the Northern Plains had a thriving lifestyle that left plenty of time for elaborate sports.

Today at the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center, anyone had the opportunity to learn and play some of these games.

They played double-ball, a version of lacrosse that native women would play.

Each player has a stick that is used to pass the ball between teammates, but they can’t touch the ball with their hands. 

Interpretive Coordinator for the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center Dana Morrison-Lorenz says, “Sometimes people have a view of the tribes that lived here that may be a little skewed. And not necessarily in a bad way, but that they were working all the time or that life was hard and busy. We want to show that there was fun to be had as well.”

Lorenz shared that like today’s sports, tribes made a big deal out of double ball, even shutting down their towns to join together to play or watch the game. 

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