COVID-19 has brought a lot of added anxiety and stress on us all, but it has also brought on sleep issues for many.

Sleep is vital to our health and we always hear things like don’t drink caffeine, don’t look at your phone, or watch TV before going to bed, but those tips don’t always work.

However, I found some unusual sleeping hacks that might actually help.

Tip Number 1: Sleeping with a firmer pillow

We all love the cozy fluffy pillows that you sink right into but some people need more support than that. So, try using a firmer pillow. This could improve your sleep quality and help with head, neck, and back pain.

But it’s worth noting that this does all depend on how you sleep and what’s comfortable for you.

Tip Number 2: Eating and drinking before bed

I spoke with a dietitian who says to opt for high-protein or healthy fat snacks that will keep you satisfied through your slumber and decrease your risk of waking up. She recommends toast with peanut butter or toast with avocado.

Also, try drinking hot tea. I personally used the SleepyTime Tea that contains chamomile, which some people say helps to calm and relieve stress.

Tip number 3: Listening to bacon sizzle

This sounds weird but go to Youtube and find a video of bacon sizzling.

The whole idea behind this is that the sound provides comfort and the constant sound will trigger your positive feelings and relaxation responses–all to help you fall asleep fast.

Tip Number 4: Hum like a bee

Although this is annoying, apparently when you hum like a bee it will calm you and it should stimulate the serotonin in your brain. You should do this for about 10 minutes, but make sure you inhale and exhale because I got a little light-headed–but it did make me sleepy.

Tip Number 5: Use reverse psychology on yourself

As bad as you want to go to sleep… tell yourself you’re not tired while keeping your eyes wide open.
A study showed that instructing yourself to do the opposite – actually helped insomniacs fall asleep quicker and easier.

Hopefully, these tips will get you the restful sleep you need.