Most of us would say our vehicles are vital to our everyday lives and it’s important we keep them up the best we can. But sometimes it can get a bit difficult.

Check out some of these easy hacks to keep your car in tip-top shape.

Tip Number 1: Using Rubber Gloves to get rid of pet hair:

It can get tough cleaning any type of hair–especially if you have the cloth seats like mine. Try putting on rubber gloves

Rub the gloves around your seats or carpet– this will create static electricity–which your dog, cat, or, human hair will attract to. The rubbing creates little wads—you can either pick the hair up with the glove or go get a vacuum

Tip Number 2: Using a foam brush or Q-tips to clear out air vents:

Personally, one of the things I most often forget about is cleaning out my vents–and I found out how dirty mine actually were.

I went ahead a bought some foam brushes for this demonstration– but if you don’t have any of those you can use a Q-tip. The foam or small cotton tip are perfect to pick up dust and they are small enough to get in those hard to reach areas.

Tip Number 3: Cupcake liner:

If you’re like me I basically stick anything and everything in my cup holders when I’m in hurry.

Try putting a cupcake liner in your cup holders.It might not look the coolest– but the liner makes it easy to dump things in and is way faster to clean up.

Tip Number 4: Cleaning your windshield wipers to leave a streak-free shine:

When you drive in dusty or wet conditions, your windshield blades will get dirty and end up leaving streaks.

Instead of buying new ones, try rubbing alcohol. Make sure you wash them with a bit of soapy water first and then apply a small amount of rubbing alcohol to them to wipe away any of the residue–and VOILA.

Tip Number 5: Cleaning your headlights with toothpaste:

Toothpaste doesn’t only remove stains from your teeth but it can also remove grime from your headlights.

Start off with using a little soap to clean them first then get toothpaste and a little water, put it on a cloth and use a circular rotation to buff out your headlights..

Do it for about 5 minutes and use more water if needed.