Each week, we’re sharing “Life Hacks” with you to simplify your life. During the pandemic, our pets have been some of our biggest support systems.

Aaron Fields has been fostering pets himself and has some ways to not only make them feel a little bit happier but you as well.

Tip Number 1: Giving a pet a bath

Before giving them a bath, make sure the water is not too hot or cold.

When washing them make sure you don’t get any water it in their eyes or ears.

If you think they have fleas or ticks, get a 1/2 cup of water with four tablespoons of DAWN dish soap or pet shampoo and then four tablespoons of white vinegar and mix it all together. The soap will help kill any fleas and the vinegar will repel them — and let it sit.

As for cats, they are self cleaning. You can give them a bath if they’re really dirty.

Tip Number 2: Cleaning up their hair

You can use a dryer sheet, a rubber glove, or any type of tape to pick it up.

Tip Number 3: Chewing

Many dogs and cats don’t know what they can or can’t do at first and according to the Humane Society a lot of bad behavior is fear related.

As much as we love them having them the space to roam around in our home–put your new pet in a contained space when they are getting used to everything.

Make sure they always have something to chew instead of your table or couch.

Always supervise them if you can when they are starting out with you.

Tip Number 4: DIY Toys

A sock and a water bottle.

Try cutting open a tennis ball and putting in some treats if they aren’t being very playful.

You can also get old clothes and cut them and tie them up–to give your pet something to play with.

And here are a few other tips—

Peanut Butter to improve their breath—brush their teeth with peanut butter and it should help..

Peanut Butter can also help with giving your furry friend a bath. You can also use peanut butter to distracted them when clipping their toenails. Simply wrap your head with plastic wrap and smear peanut butter on it and let them lick it. You can also use this technique when you are giving your dog a bath.

If you have a cat, get a cat tree because they love climbing and it might help you not find them on the fridge when you get home.

If you have any cool life hacks for Aaron to try next, you can contact him at afields@kxnet.com.