In last week’s segment of Life Hacks, we shared few “unique” ways to get yourself to sleep–
but just as hard as it is to fall asleep– it can be even more difficult to wake up.

Check out some of these life hacks that will give you that extra push to get up.

Tip Number 1: Alarm Apps that force you to wake up

There are apps that are specifically made to wake you up by making you do an activity to turn off the alarm. Whether that be shaking the phone, taking a math quiz, or playing a game. This will get you engaged in an activity right when you wake up and make it harder for you to get back to sleep.

Tip Number 2: Biting into a lemon

This hack is recommended by Jennifer Aniston and Hilary Duff–so that’s all the credibility you really need. Apparently waking up and sucking on a lemon will instantly wake you up along with some other benefits. According to Psychology Today, the scent alone is enough to improve mental performance and it sure woke me up.

Tip Number 3: Utilize acupressure

A study at the University of Michigan says that basic acupressure to your muscles can help boost alertness. Stimulation points include: Top of head, back of neck, between hand and thumb, right below the knee, and bottom of the foot. Perform acupressure for a couple of minutes after waking up

Tip Number 4: Drinking a glass of water

Studies have shown chugging a glass of water after waking up hydrates your body and could make you feel more attentive.

Tip Number 5: Using peer pressure

Tell a bunch of your friends and family that you are going to wake up early– this creates accountability. Studies show when we tell ourselves to do something important–our bodies will wake us up naturally. This also puts your reputation on the line– making you WANT to follow through with it.

Hopefully these tips will get you jumping out of the bed feeling alert and ready to go every morning.