Linton Residents Watching Beaver Creek


Linton – This week marks 10 years since the devastating flooding that changed the town of Linton, forever.

KX News Meteorologist Robert Suhr reports that people are once again watching Beaver Creek.

“Really, people should be concerned, they should be, because when it’s coming, it’s too late”. Said Resident Mylo Kramer.

The week of March 29th, 2009 is a week many here in Linton will never forget, that’s when rapid snowmelt combined with heavy rains sent Beaver Creek over its banks…in fact, the water reached 19 feet…which is nearly 15 feet above normal.

“It was just unbelievable, it affected a lot of elderly people who lived down in this area, they needed help, and just trying to get them out, it was just it was something I don’t want to go through again and I don’t want anyone else to go through again” Said Former Mayor Tim Volk.

The water stayed at over 18 feet for nearly two days, devastating the city.

The flooding resulted in 1.3 million dollars in damages. As well as the buyout and demolition of nearly two dozen properties in the flood plain.

Mylo Kramer had his home flooded and tells me he and other’s he’s talked too are quite nervous.

“We’re just one rainfall away from a good flood because there’s been absolutely no water moving, the ice is still on the creek with is probably one of your main problems”. Said Kramer

The flooding did bring some good — it created the Linton/Emmons County flood recovery task force. Mary Senger is the Emergency Manager for Burleigh and Emmons county and tells me one major change they’ve made is how they issue flood warnings in the area.

“We’d look at the banks on Beaver Creek and it wasn’t anywhere near the banks, so their categories were off for their stages, and so we monitored that for a year or two period and we got those changed, and they were off by three feet,” Said Senger.

She adds this year has been a good one and only minor flooding is forecast thanks to the gradual snowmelt and lack of heavy rainfall.

The Army Corps Of Engineers will hold a public meeting Wednesday evening to present the results of a study regarding flood risk management in the area.

The meeting is set for 6 pm at the Linton Community Center.

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