Local Animal Rescue Sees Unexpected Influx


A local foster-based rescue recently took in over 200 additional cats, the result of three different hoarding situations.

Co-Developer and Volunteer for Furry Friends Rockin’ Rescue Julie Schirado says “They started graciously like we all do, taking animals, and now it’s turned into something a little crazier and they need help.”

KX News visited the rescue’s quarantine unit.

“When we set it up a few weeks ago, we were hoping to only have a couple cats in here. Now we’re moving them in and moving them out as fast as we can,” Schirado explained.

Most of the animals there are sick and came from hoarding households. 

According to Schirado, there were “about 20 – 30 [cats] in the house and a little over 100 in the yard that they were caring for.”

And that’s just one of the homes, but the cats are not necessarily sick due to neglect.

Schirado says, “You get in over your head and you’ve got 20-30 cats in your home, and you can’t afford it.”

Regardless of the cause of the crisis, Schirado assures it will worsen if we don’t put a stop to it.

She stresses the importance of spaying and neutering cats.

“We pull 20 out of a home and five of them are pregnant,” she added. 

And there’s no way to prepare for such an influx.

This crisis is catching people’s attention across the community, including our own KX News Meterologist Amber Wheeler.

Wheeler explains, “They’ve got a small location where they keep animals, but it was never intended for over 200 cats.”

Because of this, caring for these animals becomes a lifestyle for volunteers.

Schirado says it comes naturally, “As we saw the need grow, it took off to helping impounded animals from Williston to Minot and down into Standing Rock.”

Wheeler says it’s up to the community to rise up and help an organization like Furry Friends Rockin’ Rescue.

But there’s more to it than getting these cats healthy again. It’s about finding people who want to adopt them, something the entire community can be apart of. 

If adopting a pet is not an option, the Rockin’ Rescue is also looking for supplies. Anyone can donate old towels, fleece blankets, or cat litter and food.

Or, you can even sponsor a cat to help with their vet bills. 

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