A former teacher and coach in the Minot school system has just published his third book on the history of Minot.
As Jim Olson tells us, Bruce Anderson’s new book chronicles life in North Dakota in the 1950s.

(Bruce Anderson, Author) “I’m a history buff.”

That’s why, after retiring from his Minot teaching job, Bruce Anderson pursued his passion.

(Bruce Anderson, Author) “I collected several thousand photographs and I thought they’re not doing me any good here and thought it would be nice to share them.”

And boy, has he shared them. Through three huge collections of photos, complete with stories of life in the Minot region from 1880 forward. His newest compendium has a particular focus.

(Bruce Anderson, Author) “The fabulous 50s.”

Checking in at 528 pages with 1450 photographs, this third volume of the area’s history is focused on a single decade.

(Bruce Anderson, Author) “It covers pretty much everything that happened in Minot in the ’50s. And the pictures are incredible.”

Like this iconic shot from a basketball game played at Central Campus between three-time state champion Minot Model and local Catholic school St. Leo’s. There’s Henry Milke, and Dale Brown, and Ookie Hammond wearing the stripes, and legendary sports broadcaster Jim Adelson in the booth above.
The book has a large section dedicated to the Minot Mallards baseball team.

(Bruce Anderson, Author) “The grandstands were packed.”

Here’s a section on President Eisenhower’s visit to Minot.

(Bruce Anderson, Author) “In 1953 he came and those photos are incredible.”

There are many photos of the first television station between Minneapolis and the Pacific Ocean – KCJB, what would become KXMC…

(Bruce Anderson, Author) “The New York Times wrote it was the station that shouldn’t be.”

And there are photos, many from the pages of the Minot Daily News, that simply show the simple life of the 50s.

(Bruce Anderson, Author) “It’s kind of from the perspective of growing up in the 1950s.”

Anderson brings it all into sharp focus

(Bruce Anderson, Author) “I’m pretty particular about my photographs and they’re good and they’re sharp and quite interesting.”

Jim Olson, KX News.

Bruce’s history books are available at Main Street Books and Twisted Creek in Minot, as well as online from Amazon.com.