It’s been 13 years since Valley City State University student Mindy Morgenstern died of strangulation and a deep cut to her neck. DNA from Moe Maurice Gibbs matched DNA under her fingernails. He was eventually found guilty of killing Mindy. 

Morgenstern, 22, of New Salem, was found dead in her off-campus apartment Sept. 13, 2006. Gibbs lived in the same apartment building. There were no signs of forced entry. 

Since then her mother, Eunice Morgenstern has written a book about it all. Not long after the trial, she knew she wanted to write something and that’s when the process began.

Q: Why did you decide to write a book?
A: As a way to help the grieving process.  It helped to get words down on paper to express my feelings about the situation.  In the process, I found a way to forgive.  And to celebrate Mindy’s life.

Q: Has it been a healing process for you ??
A: Absolutely. At first, there was a lot of bitterness, but I was able to call on God and find forgiveness and healing for my heart.  Spilling the words out on paper really helped this.

Q: How long did it take to write?
The process took many years of interviews of those involved and who knew Mindy and collecting newspaper articles. My daughter April helped collect information for the book.  And Mindy’s former English teacher, Jodi Davis, helped with everything and actually put the book together.

Q: Is the case closed? 
Yes, after one mistrial and another retrial he was convicted and sentenced to life in prison.

The book is now finished and Eunice is doing a book signing at Tellmanns Market grocery store in New Salem from 10 am-  2 pm on Saturday, June 1st. 

It is available for purchase at Tellman’s Market, and Ruds Mobil in New Salem as well as
In Bismarck at the Rainbow Shop.