Fargo, ND (WDAY News) – One step inside Wil Dort’s Fargo Barber Shop, and it’s clear to see, business is brisk.

It’s more than a unique haircut, sometimes; Wil throws in a Bible study.

Wil is a product of the successful Jail Chaplains program at the Cass County jail.

The program celebrates with a Dessert Social on Tuesday at the Holiday Inn.

It’s everything you want a barbershop to be; lots of banter, conversation, and creative haircut.

Robert Torres got a Mohawk on Monday.

The man with the clippers and razors is longtime barber owner Wil Dort of Skills Cutz on Fargo’s South 25th Street.

“Something I am passionate about, I have been cutting hair since I was 9-years-old,” said Wil Dort, Skill Cutz.

Who is known to put in long days on his feet.

“Last Saturday I was in at 6:30 and was here til 8:30. With a regular job, not sure I would give up hours like that,” said Dort.

He is one of the Jail Chaplain’s success stories.

It was back in 2006 that Wil was arrested and jailed on drug charges.

“Bottom of the pile, the pit,” said Dort.

While incarcerated, he attended some of the Jail Chaplains programs, and everything changed.

“I fell to rock bottom and showed me how to get out of there,” Dort.

So much so, he is not afraid to cut hair, and bring talk a little scripture at his barber shop.

Bible study every day, Jesus is the way,” said Dort.

Wil is now giving back, often returning to his native Haiti, where he and his wife help that struggling country, all because his life got turned around.

“Tried to do it myself and it didn’t work,” said Dort.

Robert liked his new doo; a haircut from a man who has found life with faith and without drugs changes all.

Just recently, he became an American citizen.

The Jail Chaplains fundraiser is set for Tuesday night at the Fargo Holiday Inn.

There is a silent auction, with the program starting at 7:00.

Tickets are $15 and still available you can buy tickets or make a donation to the program online.