Now that the suspect in the quadruple homicide in Mandan is facing charges, the aftermath is not only affecting residents but businesses. A local business is increasing safety measures.

After a thought-out investigation, Chad Isaak was charged as the suspect in the quadruple homicide at RJR. Now, that he’s off the streets, he could face life in prison. But that doesn’t make many residents and businesses feel any safer. 

“I know some reports were stating that there was nothing to be concerned about but there is a little bit of a gut check that you still need to look at your personal safety,” said Jason Doll, Owner of  Doll’s Studios Tattoo & Piercing.

Jason Doll is the owner of Doll’s Studios Tattoo & Piercing. Just a few blocks away from the crime scene, that motivated him to increase his security in his store after being there for 8 years. 

“There are certain procedures that we put in place during that time and we are going to continue to do some visual things and increase our security. Keep an eye on the perimeter. I think it helps to have video surveillance,” said Doll.

Many employees were also affected by murders. 

“I personally knew a friend from high school and his uncle was one of the victims. So, it touched me personally. It’s something that does not happen in the community. It is very intense for those in the community,” said Grace Galster, Employee at Doll’s Studios Tattoo & Piercing.

The community is now left to pick up the pieces and move forward after this tragedy.

“From everyone at Dolls Studios heartfelt condolences to everyone involved,” said Doll.

 Next, Chad Isaak will have his preliminary hearing, where a judge will decide if there is a probable cause for a trial and Isaak can make a plea. The date hasn’t been set but should take place in the next 30 days.