It appeared to be a normal school day for students at Roosevelt Elementary School, but little did faculty, staff, and students know that their school being chosen as a National Blue Ribbon School.

“They had some subgroups where they condensed kind of the test scores. We look at our national test scores and we’re able to close dramatically. It’s not something that’s slightly given,” Assistant Superintendent for Bismarck Public Schools Dr. Ben Johnson said.

Roosevelt Elementary School Principal Brenda Beiswenger said she was aware of the news back in January and had to hold off on revealing the details to the whole team.

“I’m usually pretty good about keeping a secret, I was able to keep this secret since January,” Beiswenger said.

The news was shared with the students, staff, and faculty at a ceremony in the school gymnasium.

“The standards are pretty high to be able to meet that and show that. Sometimes you can repeat,” Johnson said.

Beiswenger has been the school administrator for five years and says this kind of progress is a joint effort and everyone has a part involved.

“You can’t go in and teach the kids by yourself, you have to work together as a team and I think that’s one of the reasons if not the main reason, we were awarded this award,” Beiswinger said.