Local Football Team Tryouts


A local football team is looking for new players to add to the team.

The Minot Oilers held tryouts to see the athletes’ level of skill. Tryouts began with a warm up to prevent injuries and progressed to tests of the players’ strength and agility. The semi-pro team holds practice three times a week, and all skill levels are invited to play.

“It’s always nice to have a big team, everybody gets to get on the field. It’s nice just for injury prevention and so everybody doesn’t get as tired at game time. The less tired everybody is, the more successful we are in the long run,” says Alex Mohammed, Head Coach of Minot Oilers Football Team.

“You build new friends, you build chemistry with your players and you can find out where you are, where you’re at in the league, like, cause if NFL players, like, ‘Am I good enough to be NFL prospect?’ and if not, then oh well cause I’m still playing football,” says Dillon Swain, Safety.

There will be a second round of tryouts on January 27th at ASK Fitness. Click Here to check out their Facebook team for more information.

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