Local grapes harvested and ready to ferment


A warm and sunny summer means that local grapes are ready for harvesting.

Volunteers picked grape clusters from the vine and gathered everything into buckets. Then it was over to the crusher and de-stemmer machine to separate the grapes from their stems. After the fruit goes through the pressing machine, it will be prepared for fermentation.

The grapes were a little bigger this year, so the owners think they may end up with more than their average 2,500lbs yield.

“We like to harvest a little early, this variety, kind of reduces some of the russica flavor, but yeah there’ll be differences from year to year, last year the sugar was kind of high, this year it may be high again because we had a lot of good growing-degree days,” says Jeff Peterson, Pointe of View Winery Owner.

It takes about a year for grapes to ferment, so we won’t be seeing this wine until July 2019.

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