Local impound seeks help returning and adopting animals to pet owners

A local animal impound is seeking help returning and adopting animals to their owners, especially cats. 

The Bismarck-Mandan Animal Impound Facility brings in animals from all over the Bis-Man area. 
All animals found are strays and impounded by animal control officers with the Bismarck Police Department. 

As of now, the impound is in a critical state. Not only is there an increase in cats, but there are less cats being returned to their owners compared to dogs. 

“We are always higher in cats than dogs. Most dogs we bring in are claimed with in the five day period. Cats we are not so lucky,” said Melisa Hilsendeger, Animal Control Officer with Bismarck Police Department.

In Bismarck, in 2017 there were 318 dogs impounded and 262 of them claimed. There were 324 cats impounded and only 68 claimed. 

Those numbers did not change from last year to this year. 

 From January to November, 300 dogs were impounded and 242 were claimed. There were 335 cats impounded and only 59 were claimed.  

Animals are impounded for five days to give owners a chance to claim them. After that, they’re kept here as long as possible to be adopted or rescued. Officials ask pet owners to take extra pre-cautions. 

“We would love everyone to license their pet and chip their pet. We have microchip readers that we scan every animals that comes in. If you have tags on your animals we are not going to impound them, we will give them back to you as much as we can,” said Hilsendeger.

In Bismarck, last year there were 52 cats euthanized and only two dogs euthanized. Officials say cats are euthanized if they are aggressive to staff or sick. 

The impound plans to add on more space in 2020-2021.

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