Some North Dakota law enforcement officers are now trained in more effective leadership as part of efforts to build trust between the community and security personnel.

Personnel from local police and correctional departments took part in the training in Minot. They learned how to lead effectively and build trust with their peers and the community.

Chris Ray, who organized the IAO, or Improvise, Adapt, and Overcome training, says it’s designed to make them better leaders.

He says he began the sessions to bring this training closer to law enforcement officers in the state.

“A lot of times as supervisors we learn from bad past supervisors. We will learn the school of hard knocks when in reality a lot of us that are supervisors don’t have the right training to give us the tools to be a good supervisor.”

Ray founded IAO training about four years ago.

Senior Correctional Officer Chelsea Columbus says she’s attended the training from the start.

“It definitely has me step back and reevaluate and take many things into consideration.”

Brandon Martin is a correctional officer from the Lake Region Law Enforcement Center. He says the training is informational.

“He doesn’t just read from a book. He does from his own experience and kinda relates to what your situations are.”

In January, IAO plans to train more officers in de-escalation.

Ray has more than 10 years of experience in law enforcement and is currently captain of the Ward County Detention Center.