Laramie Hirst visits her local library once, sometimes even twice a day and when asked how she defines a library she said, “I see a peaceful place and time where you can relax and just find your imagination.”

“I’ve got a little guy and the children’s section with all the fun books, all the fun stuff on the wall; that’s the first thing I think about,” Derrick Orr said about his visits to the library.

“There are opportunities here for everybody; if you need to use the computer to apply for a job, need assistance to read or are into e-books,” Bismarck Veterans Memorial Library Assistant Director Elizabeth Jacobs said.

The Bismarck Veterans Memorial Library has everything a library would usually have from drop boxes to the checkout desk, but with a special day like LibraryPalooza, there is more that you’ll find or could even be aware of. The offerings at the event include live music, reading dogs, and even real magic found outside of reading a book through magic acts.

“It’s not the quiet place full of just books that people might think it is. We have all sorts of activities going on all the time, free programs for all ages,” Jacobs said.

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