A Bismarck couple is teaming up with local organizations to host a $1 million clothing project in the old Herberger’s building at Kirkwood Mall.

Ken Hall and his wife, Cara, say a friend from Kentucky called them saying he had some brand new clothing to give away…worth $1 million. Immediately, the couple said yes.

So he sent a semi to Bismarck with 28 pallets of men and women’s clothing and the Hall’s took the opportunity to help the community. On top of this free clothing drive, there will also be free food by the Adopt a Block program. With people losing their jobs during the shutdown, the couple wanted to give back.

“Everybody’s kinda like strained right now — mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually and so there’s really a lot of unrest,” said Ken, President of Kingdom Business.

The event takes place next week Thursday, June 18. For more information go here.