MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — The North Dakota Horse Expo is in town this weekend, bringing in people from all over the state and from all around North America.

And an 11-year-old duo is teaching others the tricks of the trade.

“They travel all over the country and you will fall in love with these two little girls,” said Wayne Williams, the director and MC of the Equi-Ganza.

The Pegasus Riders are an award-winning duo made up of Maddy Gatrel and Liberty Cunningham.

“At the IFR this year, Maddy got third place with her pony Razor,” said Liberty, who’s from Kansas. “And last year at the Dusti Crain contest, I got first place and we also placed again with our double trick riding act.”

Maddy and Liberty do various acts, including trick riding and liberty horsemanship, with their horses and pony.

“I really love the adrenaline rush and like the crowd cheering and everything, it’s just, I don’t know why it’s just a really exciting thing,” said Maddy, who’s from Missouri.

The two will be performing in the Equi-Ganza, a special performance happening each day at the expo.

“If you just wanna come out and be entertained and see all the pretty horses in a setting that you normally don’t see,” said Williams. “And between the Canadian Cowgirls, the Pegasus Riders, Dally and Spanky and their literal dog and pony show, you’ve got world-class entertainment.”

The Pegasus Riders can do amazing things on horseback and if you want to try it out for yourself, you can join their class on how to train your own horse to do tricks.

“Be patient and you have to work hard and work through probably everything,” said Liberty. “Because there’s gonna be stops in the way, but you have to just go through them.”

Maddy adds that ponies can be a little harder to train, but it’s still doable.

“With ponies, they have a lot of sass,” said Maddy. “And it’s a lot of patience. I’m actually working on training one right now.”

Both girls are excited to be in North Dakota to do what they love, and even inspire others to do what they do.

The Pegasus Riders will be performing alongside others in the Equi-Ganza at the North Dakota State Fair Center.

The next shows will be at 7 p.m. on Saturday and at 3 p.m. on Sunday.