BISMARCK, ND. (KXNET) — The City of Bismarck turned 150 this year, and in a period of time that long, one can take a lot of pictures.

If the old saying of a picture being worth a thousand words is true, then this means there are a lot of tales that the city has to tell. And while we can’t exactly learn them all, there are plenty of photographs of our capital that help to paint a picture of Bismarck’s long history.

To commemorate the 150th anniversary of the city, the Bismarck Veteran’s Memorial Public Library is inviting people to browse through Bismarck’s history with their archive, entitled “Bismarck- Capital City Memories”. This gallery of almost 2000 images consists of all sorts of images — including, scanned photographs, postcards, and slides — that work together to provide the most detailed picture of Bismarck’s development from the early pioneer days to more modern times in the 1990s.

The gallery is completely free to access and can be visited at any time.

The full Capital City Memories collection is available online here. More information on the collection or other library archives can be found on this page.