One of KX News’ Remarkable Women nominees, April Lund, is continuing to shine on.

After a fun, hard-working and long trip to Kenya for the Nike Run, Lund is finally back.

“Malaria, typhoid, I had cryptosporidium, which is like a parasite, I was just at the hospital this weekend,” said April Lund.

Though facing adversity, Lund is back and ready for action. She still has some recovery to do but, she’s got some exciting news.

“I just remember as a little girl, I told my mom, ‘I’m going to be on the podium one day hearing the national anthem and it will make me cry,’” Lund said.

Lund was invited for a spot on the Team USA track and field and cross-country team.

“It’s just an amazing journey,” Lund said.

We went to Lund’s at-home training facility where she not only trains, but she trains others…like Tessa Mozelousky.

“I cried I think four times that day when all my stuff came in the mail, any time I went back to my countertop and I looked at everything kind of laid out there and it’s like you can touch it, it’s here, this is real,” Monzelousky said.

Lund says as Monzelousky’s trainer, being able to compete on the USA team with her is a dream.

“April’s been fantastic, not just from a numbers standpoint, that part is great, but training with April or training under April as an athlete, she is so concerned about who you are and she really likes to hone in on that and focuses your training on you as a person,” Monzelousky said.

“I want to be the person that’s not the world champion; I want to be the person that when you’re tired of surviving and you want to start thriving you call me or you think of me, and with Tessa, I wanted to work with her for years, and I could just tell that she had all this talent in her and I’ve one on one trained her for about two years and to see the growth in her is amazing,” said Lund.

The two left us some great advice for the little athletes out there who dream of representing Team USA themselves one day.

“Keep going after your dreams,” Monzelousky said, with Lund adding “never give up, never give up, and to keep it simple.”

Lund opened her team USA jersey Thursday and says it was an emotional moment for her.

Both runners will head out to represent Bismarck on Team USA from June 27 through July 11.