According to the North Dakota Department of Transportation 2018 crash summary, the number of fatalities due to car crashes has gone down 38% since 2012.

Last year, 105 people lost their lives on North Dakota roadways.

48% of the fatalities were not wearing their seat belts.

45% percent involved speeding or aggressive driving.

32% percent were alcohol-related.

With six weeks left to go in 2019, the number of fatalities is at 90.

The Department of Transportation said many car accidents are preventable.

According to the data, 94% of motor vehicle crashes are caused by human behavior.

“Preventing crashes may seem simpler than we actually think. And it really is just being aware, driving distraction-free. Making sure you’re driving sober. Wearing that seat belt. Because even if the crash isn’t your fault it was human error on someone else’s part. That seat belt is what’s going to protect you from injury or death,” said Lauren Bjork, safety public information program manager.

2012 was the deadliest year on North Dakota roads. 170 people died in car crashes. Bjork said the oil boom played a role in the high number.