Spreading kindness during the pandemic is something we’ve seen a lot over the last year.

A second-grader at Edison Elementary School in Minot is one person promoting it — in a delicious way.

“To be nice to everyone in the school,” said Dominic Clementich.

Clementich told his grandma that he wanted to do something nice for everyone at his school — just because.

So, she did what any grandma would do…she bought 500 popsicles, one for every teacher and student.

The best part? Nobody knew until Thursday.

“Outside, like everyone found out,” Clementich said.

The school counselor was excited to see Dominic’s act of kindness.

“We have focused so much on being kind, and being a good role model for your peers and just bringing joy to other people. So, it’s awesome that we have students like Dominic who are leading by example. They are bringing joy to their classmates, they want to do kind things. Not to get the recognition, but just for kind of that internal feeling of knowing you’re helping others,” said Andrea Lang.

And one of his fellow classmates was happy to be on the receiving end.

“He’s my friend and I sit by him at CLC. He’s really nice,” said Andrew Vetter.

Dominic hopes this encourages others to do something nice for someone else.

“If we have more students like Dominic, it just makes our school and our community a better place to be in,” Lang said.

This isn’t the first time Dominic has done a random act of kindness. Last year, he handed out candy canes to everyone in his class, again, just because.