As Miranda Schuler throws her hat in the ring, there are now three people vying to become the mayor of Minot.

Schuler announced her candidacy on Monday in a press release.

Over the past eight years, she served Minot in various roles including as an alderman and on the Minot Public School board.

“Minot does many things well though there is always room for improvement. As I canvassed the community, I clearly heard the resident’s concerns and believe we can do better,” she said.

She added she’ll work with the council and city staff to address things like street maintenance, improvements, code enforcement, technology, public safety and a diverse economy.

Alderman Tom Ross announced his candidacy for mayor on Feb. 4.

Ross says as mayor, he would make sure every resident who wants to speak at city council is heard, the executive committee will include all council members, he would make Minot a leader in tourism and business and empower, reward staff for finding ways to save tax dollars and stand up and fight for the rights of City of Minot employees.

Mayor Shaun Sipma was the first to announce his candidacy on Dec. 21, 2021, saying if re-elected this will be his last term.

“It has been my honor to serve as the Mayor of Minot these past four years,” he said in a statement. “In that time our community has made great strides forward that has improved quality of life, business climate, investment in capital infrastructure, progress on flood control and responsibly navigating through an ongoing pandemic.”

Sipma’s goals for the next four years include:

  • Reduce the number of Mouse River Enhanced Flood Control Project construction projects
  • Finalize participation and management details in the Northwest Area Water Supply Project to bring Missouri River water to North Central North Dakota for a consistent, reliable source of drinking water
  • Finish the last of the $74 million National Disaster Resiliency HUD grant projects by the Sept. 30, 2023 deadline
  • Further strengthen the relationship between Minot and Minot Air Force Base as well as securing
    economic development opportunities with the Department of Defense
  • Further the relationship with community partners to collectively improve the quality of life and
    resiliency of the Magic City

As for city council, three seats are up with five candidates campaigning:

  • Paul Pitner (incumbent)
  • Lisa Olson (incumbent)
  • Mark Jantzer (incumbent)
  • Zach Raknerud
  • Darrik Trudell