MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — North Dakotans will be asked to vote on county executives and important issues in less than two weeks.

Your Election Headquarters is here to give you the information you need to cast your vote by November 8.

Ward County voters will choose which two of the four candidates will represent Ward County on the commissioner’s board.

Commissioner John Fjeldahl is up for reelection for his fifth term on the board and has experience with county leadership.

The North Dakotan native lives on a farm near Berthold and says he is a voice for everyone, especially the rural community.

He is passionate about protecting taxpayers’ money and keeps every member of the community in mind when making decisions on the budget.

“I would like to see growth no doubt. But I would like to see it happen more in the manner of protecting people’s property rights. And we as elected officials should look at their money the same way. So, be cautious with what we do,” said John Fjeldahl, a current Ward County commissioner and candidate.

Alan Walter is a previous Ward County commissioner hoping to regain a seat on the board with eight years of experience.

He worked for the City of Minot as the Public Works Director for 20 years and is now Velva’s city engineer with Ackerman-Estvold.

He wants to be a voice for economic development and feels his experience with leaders in Ward County gives him an edge in the race.

“I intend to do the best I can for the citizens of Ward County. Help them develop and help us develop and do a good job for everybody in their county. I’m a fiscally responsible person, I watch the tax dollars pretty close and try to work with the department heads to make sure that happens,” said Alan Walter, a Ward County commissioner candidate.

Lance Makeeff is a newcomer to county politics who identifies as a conservative and independent.

He has a deep connection to Minot, graduating from Minot State University, living here ever since, and working as an employee of a corporate seed company.

He has served on the Farmers Union board and feels he brings a different perspective to the board and would be very accessible to the public.

“I represent all the taxpayers in the county. Make sure the taxes stay low and make sure we’re not spending unnecessarily in the county. I’m very accessible, I’m usually in one of the high school’s gyms every night of the week all winter long. And that would be an attribute to being on the county commission too, I’d be very accessible,” said Lance Makeeff, a Ward County commissioner candidate.

Jason Olson is also a newcomer to county politics but has extensive experience with county executives and is passionate about public service.

The North Dakota native spent nearly 32 years with the Minot Police Department, serving as police chief and as Minot’s federal compliance officer in the National Disaster Resilience Program.

Being from Williston and now living in Minot for several years, he feels he is the voice of urban and rural communities and is passionate about hard work and consistency.

“Working over three decades as a police officer, you learn how to analyze situations and listen to both sides or all sides of an issue, gather evidence, and then make a decision on what to do, and that’s a lot of what the role of a commissioner is. As I worked my way up in the department, I worked with budgets and political subdivisions, and leaders. I gained a lot of experience which I think I’ll be able to put to use,” said Jason Olson, a Ward County commissioner candidate.

All four candidates are passionate about economic growth and see a bright future for the growing county.

Early voting is available at the Ward County Administration Building starting Monday, October 31.

Your Election Headquarters will be here to provide you with updates as the race begins.