425 teams from across the country are participating in the Annual McQuade’s Softball Tournament.

“We are from Williston; we are the One Stop Trailer Softball Addicts,” said Moriah Rademacher, Team One Stop Trailer Softball Addicts.

“We’re from Stanley North Dakota, but a lot of us are from Minot as well, ” said Sarah Salgado Team Aflac.

46 years ago, the tournament was founded to serve those in need.

“We wanted to help send individuals to summer camps with developmentally disabled: individuals with disabilities. Our program tournament has expanded from that, and we serve a lot of different charitable organizations,”said Mike Wolf, Tournament Co Director.

The mission still serves its purpose today, but it would not be possible without teams and fans heading out to the fields.

“This is our 14th and probably 15th year playing in McQuade’s. We try to make sure that this is the tournament that we do every year,” said Rademacher.

Because of the pandemic last year, the tournament was cancelled resulting in an interruption of a traditional dating back to 1976.

“This is something that we get to do and enjoy and when it wasn’t here, it was just a real bummer,” said Salgado.

Mike Wolf says in 2019 the tournament reached a record high of funds donated estimated around $147,000.

“We have organizations like “Make A Wish”, we have “Abused Adult Resource Center”, we have some Humane Society type things,” Wolf said.

It’s all fun and games and about having good spirits even if a team doesn’t win.

“Today, we unfortunately lost in our game this morning, and now we’re just still watching the best of the ball game, and getting ready for the championship game,” said Dennae Swenson, Team O’Brian’s.

Teams and fans are thankful the tournament went uninterrupted this year.

“I think it’s very important. We have teams traveling from all over. There are teams from Florida, Minnesota, Nebraska that come, and the fact that it goes back to a good cause. I think it makes it a bonus,” said Swenson.