BISMARCK, ND (KXNET) — The 43rd Avenue Water Tower is about halfway through its service period — and with this milestone comes a new appearance and well-deserved rehabilitation.

The tower was originally built in 1992 and has continued to serve NorthWest Bismarck ever since. It has a one million gallon storage capacity, allowing it to not only assist the current residents of the area but also accommodate Bismarck’s growing population.

This is the first time that the tower has undergone rehabilitation in the 30 years following its construction. In addition to basic repairs and updates, the tower will also be receiving a new design: weather permitting, the City of Bismarck’s logo will be stenciled and painted on the east side of the tower. Work on the logo has already begun, and if you decide to stop by the tower, you’ll be able to see workers putting the decal up all throughout the weekend.

After this weekend’s rehabilitation, the 43rd Avenue Water Tower will continue to operate for another 30 years before being retired.

Once the tower is back online and the logo is complete, normal water pressure in the area will be restored. The design is expected to be complete on Sunday night.