MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — Trinity Health’s new healthcare facility is continuing to make progress toward completion and it’s expected to open in the spring of 2023.

On Thursday, a major donation was given to the Trinity Health Foundation by SRT Communications of $500,000.

The donation will go toward the Trinity Healthcare Campus and Medical District Capital Campaign.

“I’ve been here for 26 years and I can tell you that I’ve been looking forward to this time for a long time. Because when you walk through the facility when you get to see the rooms and the place, it really is impressive. And they’ve done a nice job making it a patient experience facility, as opposed to just a hospital where they deliver medical care,” said Dr. Jeffrey Verhey, chairman of the Trinity Health Foundation Board and a Pulmonary and Critical Care Doctor.

The capital campaign’s goal is to raise $15,000,000 to go toward the over $500,000,000 project.

The hospital will feature modern upgrades that the current facility does not have.

“The biggest one that they’ll notice right away is that all the rooms are private. There are no semi-private rooms and they’re spacious. And it’s designed such that it’s a patient area and a visitor area within the room. All the touches are modern so it’s a green facility. The lighting,” said Dr. Verhey.

SRT is a community partner of Trinity Health, and the CEO and general manager says the missions of the two organizations align.

“That partnership between providing healthcare and technology and services that people need are two contributing factors to helping our communities thrive. So I think the synchronicity between us both and what we do, be it health care, provide broadband and technology, is just in line perfectly,” said Cassidy Hjelmstad.

Hjelmstad says that as a cooperative, SRT believes in concern for the community and aims to give back.

“It’s our mission to give back to our member-owners. That’s who helped build us. So we believe it’s important to support the communities where our members live and work,” said Hjelmstad.

Dr. Verhey says the support of partners is what helped make this new, modern healthcare facility a reality.

According to Trinity Health Foundation, SRT’s donation will support a connector space between the medical office building and the hospital that will provide a public area with internet connections and charging equipment.