5G has made its way to rural communities across the country — and one in North Dakota had a special show to go with the announcement.

T-Mobile launched its 5G network nationwide and made its presence known with a light show early August in Lisbon.

The phone service company was able to use the new connection to arrange about 300 drones in different configurations in the sky to demonstrate how rural communities are now connected faster than before.

Lisbon Mayor Tim Meyer says the new technology is going to be important to various sectors of Lisbon’s economy.

“I can see this 5G being for the farmer a very good thing down the road, as far as just speed and capability to give more capabilities in the automation of farm equipment,” Meyer said. “Business owners, anybody who’s looking for that faster speed — it’s gonna be a great thing to have in a rural community.”

The light show lasted about 15 minutes, and video from it is being used in a national campaign focused on expanding coverage to rural parts of the country.