MAX, N.D. (KXNET) — Some veterans visiting North Dakota get to spend a couple of days trying to limit out on roosters.

The Wounded Warriors in Action Foundation (WWIA) brings Purple Heart recipients together to enjoy the outdoors.

Right now, they’re in Max for The 5th annual WWIA Wild Pheasant Hunt.

The Wounded Warriors in Action wild pheasant hunt brought in veterans from all over, who have never met before, to bond over hunting.

Crystal Frederick is an Army Veteran and she’s in North Dakota for the first time for the hunt.

She says she hopes to gain camaraderie with the other participants.

“New friends, fellowship, which we’ve been greeted by everyone in the town. And it’s just been phenomenal. the turnout of people and the support that they’ve given us,” said Frederick.

Frederick says the WWIA sporting activities are a great way to connect people who have similar experiences.

She says although their military branches could be different the veterans can relate through their shared service to the country.

“When we come back from overseas and we’re wounded, it’s hard for us to adjust back to that civilian life. And when you get with your brothers and sisters, there’s a lot of things you can’t tell your family or your close friends that didn’t serve, and you can tell your brothers and sisters in arms,” said Frederick.

One of the hosts of the hunt says he hopes the participants enjoy hunting and leave with new friendships.

“I hope they just have a good time and a good hunt. And I always think of the camaraderie. This is the first time the five of them have been together,” said Bruce Schreiner.

Although Schreiner never served, he knows the significance of military personnel serving the country.

“It’s very rewarding because I understand from the service that my father and my uncles did, the importance of the military and the freedoms that they have provided us,” said Schreiner.

And Frederick said her time in the Army and serving the country is extremely important to her.

“Right after 9/11 is when I went in and I felt the need that it was my duty to serve at that time. And it just helped me grow as a person. The discipline and just, you see different places, you meet different people, you experience different cultures,” said Frederick.

The WWIA participants were joined by local hunters to take part in the hunt on the Schreiner family farms.

The WWIA pheasant hunting will wrap up on Sunday, October 23.