MANDAN, N.D. (KXNET) — Getting to and from school is vital for students. However, what happens when the school bus doesn’t show up to pick the children up in time?

For the last couple of years, parents in Mandan have had problems with Harlow’s bus system.

The busses have reportedly not shown on time to pick up children.

Sometimes, the buses don’t come at all. Leaving children to either call their parents for help, miss school days or decide to walk to school alone.

To address some concerns, Harlow’s has adjusted their bus schedule to pick up children an hour earlier.

However, they have yet to give notification to the parents or school about the change of schedule.

One parent shares her concerns about the ongoing problem.

“Is this the new normal? Is it going to be this way next week, too? It’s really disruptive and incredibly frustrating, and it strikes me as a pretty huge safety concern,” said Willow Huisman, a Mandan mother.

Huisman said that she may end up having to cut into her own schedule to get her kids to school on time.

She also said the only way to solve the problem, is through clear communication from Harlow’s notifying parents about the schedule.

KX News reached out to the District Office for comment on the issue. However, they declined to comment.